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E-mails and newsletters

My emails, with any attachments, are only intended for the person or organisation to whom they are addressed and only for the intended purpose or use. They may contain confidential information and / or personal views that are not necessarily consistent with mine.

Any use of this information (such as editing, forwarding, reproducing or distributing in whole or in part in any form whatsoever) by others than the addressee is prohibited. If you receive an email from me by mistake, I ask you to report it and delete the email. The same conditions apply to my electronic newsletters as to my website.


1. General

You may use this website and the information on this website if you fully comply with the conditions set out in this text. I can change these conditions at any time.

2. Intellectual property rights

If you wish to reproduce or communicate texts, images or other items on this website to the public, you must obtain my express written permission for this. However, some names, signs or logos on this website are registered trademarks. You should therefore contact the relevant organisation, service or company.

If I offer you the possibility to have your own contributions included on this website, you may not send works that are protected by intellectual property rights, unless you own those rights or have all the necessary permissions of the rightful claimants for exploitation on the website. In any case you indemnify me against claims from third parties.

The photos used on this website are photographs taken by me or royalty-free or photos that fall under Creative Commons or have been published with permission. The video clips used on this site are published with permission.

3. Affixing a hyperlink to this website

You may link to pages of this website on your own website. The web page containing the hyperlink must disappear completely and the URL address of my website must be clearly visible. Other hyperlinks or iframes (inline frames) may only be made after my express written approval.

4. Links to websites managed by third parties

Any links on this site to websites that are managed by third parties are solely for the information of the user. I do not check these websites and the information that is on them. I can therefore not be held responsible for the content or the quality of these websites. A link does not necessarily mean that I and the operators of these websites cooperate in one way or another or that I have approved the information on these websites.

5. Liability

The information on is as accurate as possible. I strive to inform you as accurately and completely as possible. Should the information on this website be incomplete or contain errors, then can not be held liable for this. Interruptions, failures or errors in the electronic delivery of information and / or services offered or requested via this website do not entitle you to any financial compensation in any case.

I undertake to take all measures to ensure optimum security of the website but can not guarantee the safety, nor the continuous availability and can in no case be held liable for the resulting damage, directly or indirectly.

Privacy attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data and to respecting your privacy. In this privacy statement, I want to provide clear and transparent information about the kind of information I collect and how I handle personal data.

I make every effort to ensure your privacy and therefore handle personal data with care. I comply in all cases with applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation.

Personal data

Personal data is all specific information relating to an identifiable natural person. This includes your name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, membership and information you provide via my website or other contact channels.

Collection of personal data collects, registers and processes personal data when they are explicitly communicated, such as registering for an activity, contact via a contact form or email, participation in activities, surveys, etc. You guarantee that the information you provide will be accurate, correct and complete.

I may use your data to contact you directly, by post, telephone or electronically, such as via email or SMS. With electronic communication you have the possibility to unsubscribe for future electronic communication.


During activities, photos and / or video recordings can be made, that can be used by us on my website and on social media. By registering for an activity you give your permission for this.
If you do not want this, you can let me know by a timely writing to


Other data is collected in an automated manner by systems / applications that collect information (such as IP address, use of the site, language and type of browser, etc.).

Access and correction of data will not store your data longer than is legally permitted and in any case no longer than necessary for the purposes stated herein. You also have the right to inspect, correct, delete and protest free of charge the processing and transfer of your data. You can send a dated and signed request, accompanied by a copy of your proof of identity, to the following address:

Etienne Heyligen
Jozef Hendrickxstraat 60 bus 7
2900 Schoten, Belgium
e-mail: see contact form

I will send you an answer within 30 days. If you do not receive the expected response to your request, you can submit a complaint to the competent authority in Belgium:

Passing on personal data does not transfer, sell, transmit or otherwise disseminate your personal data to third parties, except with regard to the execution of the agreement (e.g. participation in activities, etc.), unless required by law or unless you have given your express permission to do so. I do not provide personal data to parties which are located outside the EU.

Data security takes technical and organisational security measures to protect your personal data against destruction, loss, alteration, inspection or misuse. also agrees to restrict access to personal data as far as possible and to grant access only when necessary. Persons who have access to the data have been informed of their obligations regarding data security and confidentiality.

Minors ensures that the privacy of minors is protected and encourages parents to be actively involved in the online activities of their children. will not intentionally or deliberately collect personal data from minors, other than the customary membership data. encourages minors, if they visit our website, to inform their parents about their online activity and to ask their opinion before sending us personal details.


With questions about the processing of your personal data, you can contact me via the contact forms on this website.

Tjen Heyligen, 2018

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